Magnicode Apps

Client Testimonials

“Your team has really done a great job in building this app for us and in being so responsive.”
— Munjal Shah, CEO,

“I would like to offer my thanks to you for your excellent work. It was my first project with your company and I am impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by your team and the quality of work you have delivered.”
— Faisal Faruqi, CEO, Healthy Gourmet Recipes

“Magnicode went to great depths in understanding our market needs. Their upfront research into the solutions our users needed showed in the success of the products we have delivered.”
— Alvin Fiering, Executive Producer, Poly Health Media

Glamour Ask a Stylist

Whether you need advice getting dressed in the morning or deciding what to buy at the mall, Ask A Stylist, your handheld personal stylist, has you covered.

Fashion Advice

Have a fashion question?

Glamour Experts

Ask a Glamour Stylist.


Send your question as a picture and text.


Receive an answer within minutes.

Times Tables

A delightful, challenging, fun, and interactive way for children to learn multiplication tables.


View times tables in individual or full mode.


Touch the sound icon to play or pause the times table.


Write your answer and then touch check to verify your answer.


See how much you have learnt and win a trophy for your collection.

7-Steps to a Successful Startup

Simple lessons before you quit your day job.

eBook App

Download from App Store.


Use the 7 step process to evaluate your business idea.


Develop a high degree of certainty, how likely is it that your idea will succeed.


Experienced Silicon Valley CEO.

Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Proven methods you can use to predict your company’s profitability and understand essential financial statements.


Experienced Silicon Valley CEO.


At a length of less than 50 pages, this is a compact – just what you need to know and nothing more--book.


Simplify the complex world of business finance: Learn just enough to start and run your business.


Takes notes on key learning points and apply.

Market Research on a Shoestring

Get a reality check on your big idea for less than $100.


Experienced Silicon Valley CEO.


An indispensible guide to finding answers to your market research questions.


What customers want, determine your target market, and test your company’s viability.


Takes notes on key learning points.

Baby Talk

A video guide that explains how to take care of your new baby and yourself.

Video App

Download from AppStore.


Choose from ten chapters of parenting videos.


Play to learn what every parent needs to know.


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